0 security status) systems, ‘High sec’ rats (those found in 0

People arent likely to be using just one hand to assist in going down the slide. Also there are a lot of thin vertical lines that would be consistent with rings scraping as the hand is sliding down as the person is going down the slide. Your palm/fingers arent really going to do that and again, most would be holding on with both hands.

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Hermes Handbags Nothing to do with rodents this, Rats is the EVE Speak name for NPC Pirates, and ‘Ratting’ refers to the action of visiting the Asteroid belts that are found in nearly all systems and destroying the NPC pirates to collect the bounty on them. The bounty on each rat is directly linked to how difficult they are to kill, which in turn is connected to the Security Status of the system they are located in. As far as profitability is concerned, this technique is only really viable for making ISK in EVE if you have access to null sec (0.0 security status) systems, ‘High sec’ rats (those found in 0.5 1.0 security space) have bounties that no one but the newest of players would be interested in and ‘Low Sec’ rats, though more profitable, are still not really worth the effort and risk to make good ISK in EVE Hermes Handbags.

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