«It’s not as if those are the only matters that come before

Abortion is already emerging as a top issue in the midterms with Supreme Court vacancy

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canada goose outlet 2015 THE BIG IDEA: President Trump Canada Goose Online summoned to the White House Thursday night the two Republican women who will likely determine whether his nominee to replace Anthony Kennedy gets confirmed by the Senate and, possibly as a result, whether abortion could again be outlawed in America. canada goose outlet 2015

Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who both describe themselves as supporters of reproductive rights, torpedoed Obamacare repeal last summer and voted against confirming Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, forcing Vice President Pence to cast the tie breaking vote. But canada goose factory sale they’ve been reliable votes for the president’s judicial nominees, including several who had clear records as antagonistic to abortion.

canada goose outlet florida Collins and Murkowski were joined in the Oval Office by the three Democratic senators who voted last year canada goose clearance sale to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch and are up for reelection this fall in a red state Trump carried by double digits: Indiana’s Joe Donnelly, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp. They were accompanied by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R Iowa), who will run point on shepherding through whomever Trump picks. canada goose outlet florida

canada goose jacket outlet uk Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam greets supporters after a Republican gubernatorial primary debate last night. (John Raoux/AP) canada goose jacket outlet uk

canada goose outlet online uk As Canada Goose Parka the senators met with Trump, Fox News hosted a live debate in Orlando between the two Republican candidates for Florida governor. Moderator Bret Baier opened by noting that Kennedy’s retirement puts the future of abortion in play. «Both of you here on stage said that you would sign ‘the heartbeat bill’ here in Florida, which would ban abortions after a fetal heart beat is detected. That is viewed as a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade,» Baier said. «Given that, do you believe that the next Supreme Court justice should vote on overturn Roe v. Wade?» canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose outlet london Neither answered directly, but both made clear that this is their hope. Supreme Court,» replied Adam Putnam, the state agriculture commissioner. «Yes, I’ve said I would sign ‘the heartbeat bill.’ Yes, we need a constitutionalist on the bench who will protect and defend life. I’m honored to have the support of the Florida Family Action Council because they know that, as Canada Goose Outlet governor, I will Canada Goose Jackets pursue a pro life agenda.» canada goose outlet london

His opponent, Rep. Ron DeSantis, added: «It should be a constitutionalist in the mold of Justice Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas who understands the proper role of the court is to apply the law and Constitution as it’s canada goose uk outlet actually written, not to legislate from the bench, not to impose a judge’s philosophy on the rest of the country.»

canada goose outlet niagara falls Former congresswoman Gwen Graham, a leading candidate in the Democratic primary for governor, seized on their comments: canada goose outlet niagara falls

canada goose outlet 80 off As governor, I will expand healthcare in Florida and veto any piece of legislation that restricts a woman’s right to safe, legal abortion and other forms of critical reproductive health care. canada goose outlet 80 off

canada goose outlet toronto address This adds yet another parallel between 2018 and 1992, cheap canada goose uk the last «Year of the Woman.» Many women decided to run or otherwise participate in that election because they were so upset about the hostile treatment of Anita Hill, who accused Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearing, by the all male Senate Judiciary Committee. All 11 of the Republicans on that committee today are still men, but four of the 10 Democrats including the ranking member are women. canada goose outlet toronto address

canada goose outlet buffalo President Trump sits with a group of lawmakers, including Mike Lee, in the Oval Office last month. (Alex Brandon/AP) canada goose outlet buffalo

canada goose outlet boston One of canada goose uk black friday the Republican men who sits on the committee is Mike Lee. Bloomberg News’s Jennifer Jacobs reports that Trump is actively considering the Utah senator for Kennedy’s seat: «Trump hasn’t settled on a favorite yet for the nomination, two [sources] said. And even as the president mulls the 47 year old Lee as a canada goose potential choice, the search remains wide open. canada goose store Trump thinks Lee would be easily confirmed by the Senate, but the president has expressed Canada Goose online concern about keeping his Senate seat in Republican hands, one person said. He has been assured the seat will remain safely Republican Trump complained that he was told canadian goose jacket the same canada goose coats about the Alabama Senate seat held by [Attorney General Jeff Sessions], who wound up replaced by Democrat Doug Jones.» canada goose outlet boston

canada goose outlet parka Lee might be harder to confirm than Trump apparently thinks because he’s one of the most outspoken critics of abortion rights in all of Congress. No one doubts that he’d become the pivotal fifth vote to overturn Roe in the event that he got confirmed and the court chose to tackle the uk canada goose outlet issue. But it could be hard for Collins and Murkowski to vote against a Republican colleague. canada goose outlet parka

canada goose outlet mississauga Murkowski said in an interview that the future of Roe v. Wade is a «significant factor,» but she stressed that the landmark ruling will not be the sole factor for her. «And I don’t think it should be the only factor for anybody,» Murkowski told our Seung cheap Canada Goose Min Kim yesterday. «It’s not as if those are the only matters that come before the Supreme Court.» canada goose outlet mississauga

canada goose outlet us The Alaska senator suggested that Trump pick someone not in the group of 25 potential picks he has https://www.gooseyou.com said he’ll choose from. (Many, if not all, of the names were provided by the Federalist Society.) canada goose clearance «I don’t know Canada Goose Coats On Sale how we got so wedded to that list. That was not created by senators here,» said Murkowski. canada goose outlet us

canada goose outlet uk Collins added that, while she always presses judicial nominees about their views on following legal precedent, she won’t ask whomever Trump picks about specific issues. «I do get a sense from them on whether or not they respect precedent,» said the Maine moderate. «And from my perspective, Roe v. Wade is an important buy canada goose jacket precedent and it is settled law.» canada goose outlet uk

«Of the 25 names Trump canada goose black friday sale has listed as potential justices, 17 have been confirmed by the Senate for federal judgeships, while two are pending,» Seung Min notes. Circuit and Amy Coney Barrett of the 7th Circuit are two leading candidates. Barrett, a former Notre Dame law professor who barely got confirmed last November, has «written and spoken frequently about the importance of her Catholic faith and in her belief that life begins at conception,» Savage notes. «In a 2003 scholarly article, she suggested Roe vs. Wade was an ‘erroneous decision.'»

canada goose outlet store uk Several prominent conservatives are privately pushing the White House to pick a woman to blunt the potency of the abortion attack in 2018. «I think the optics do matter. It’s harder to make the case that a woman is against women’s rights,» Curt Levey of the conservative Committee for Justice, a veteran of several Supreme Court fights, told Politico’s Josh Gerstein. «It takes on special significance when people expect abortion to probably be the biggest issue. I think it’s given even more significance by the fact the two most moderate Republican senators canada goose coats on sale are women.» canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose parka uk «Of the 25 people on Trump’s public list of potential nominees, six are women,» Gerstein notes. «Four 10th Circuit Judge Allison Eid, 6th Circuit Judge Joan Larsen, uk canada goose Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces Judge Margaret Ryan and 7th Circuit Judge Diane Sykes were on lists released during the 2016 presidential campaign. Two [Barrett] and Georgia Supreme Court Justice Britt Grant were added last November. canada goose parka uk

canada goose outlet usa «Conservative activists in close touch with the White House sent conflicting signals Thursday about how many women are being seriously considered for the nomination,» Gerstein adds. «One person familiar with White House thinking said officials were keen on picking a woman and were closely vetting Barrett and Eid. Another Republican close to the White House said attention was focused on about five potential nominees, with Barrett as the only woman on that list.» canada goose outlet usa

canada goose factory outlet Another Republican on the Judiciary Committee, Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, has threatened to block Trump’s circuit court nominations if he does not get a vote on a pro trade bill. But he said yesterday that he will not interfere with the Supreme Court process. (CNBC) canada goose factory outlet

canada goose outlet real Trump promised as a candidate that he would seek to overturn the 1973 Supreme Court decision that recognized a right to abortion. «If we put another two or perhaps three justices on, that’s really buy canada goose jacket cheap what’s going to be, that’s what will happen,» the president said during his debate with Hillary Clinton in October 2016. «And that will happen automatically in my opinion, because I am putting pro life justices on the court.» (It’s getting less canada goose outlet attention right now, but a post Kennedy court could also scale back access to contraception.) canada goose outlet real.

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