Monday November 12, Eddie Eagle’ Edwards will give a

It’s 1944 in the small village of Walmington on the southern English coast, where the men who were unfit to serve in the regular army have volunteered for the Home Guard when they’re not working their normal jobs. The platoon’s captain is bank manager Mainwaring (Toby Jones), who leads a ragtag group of retirees (Tom Courtenay, Michael Gambon and Bill Paterson) and younger army rejects (Daniel Mays and Blake Harrison) through a series of exercises along the seaside cliffs. They’ve been tipped off that there’s a Nazi spy in the area, but they’re all so smitten by the curvy visiting journalist Rose (Catherine Zeta Jones) that they fail to notice that she’s up to something nefarious..

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goose outlet canada It’s open to the entire community and canada goose outlet official we’re delighted that so many people come along and get involved. We’re proud to be able to bring such a unique and inspiring range of events to Lochaber. Monday November 12, Eddie Eagle’ Edwards will give a motivational talk based on his experience of fighting to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics as the UK’s unlikely ski jumper. goose outlet canada

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