Not only did this singular desire fulfill

Moving on to the hardware itself, the Helio P30 and P23 are the follow ups to the Helio P25 and P20, which were launched in February of 2017 and 2016 respectively. Essentially the same design for both SoCs, the P25 added a clockspeed bump as a mid generation upgrade for the family, offering better performance with the same feature set. The new P30 and P23, on the other hand, are more robust upgrades for the family, and while they not entirely detached from the P20 series parts we seen so far, they incorporate new features and newer generation IP blocks to bring the family closer to the more recently launched Helio X30..

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It is also equally important for Gen Zers to be part of the right subculture and environment, as well as the right company one that believes in and enforces fairness and equality. Putting this in practice, the more community based spaces that are available, the more productive Gen Zers will be, because they are conscious of how their conduct and contributions are both valuable and an integral part of the functionality of a larger, shared vision. Their drive therefore stems not just from individual gain, but from the desire to benefit an entire community and the work space that supports it..

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