Perry’s lightning sculptures may be rooted in real life

Step 1: I made mine out of 3/4 in PVC because I already had almost all of the fittings for 3/4 in PVC. If i were to do it over I probably would have used 1 in, at least for the part that is actually resting against the boat. 2x 10 in pneumatic tires ($6 each at harbor freight) 5 6 feet of 3/4 in PVC pipe (I think I only used about 4 feet, but its better to have extra and you will most likely buying a 10 foot piece anyway) 4x 3/4 in tees 4x 3/4 in end caps 2x 3/4 in to 1 in threaded end piece (see photo) 2x 1 in threaded end cap 2x 5/6 in hex bolts (4 inches long) 4x 5/6 in washers 2 4 5/6 in nuts 5/6 in drill bit and drill 4x 5/6 in O rings («waterproofing») Teflon tape (helps to thread the threaded PVC parts easier and adds waterproofing) PVC cement Pool Noodle 4x zip tiesStep 2: Measure and CutWhen it comes to measuring everyones project should be a little bit different because it should be built around the dimensions of your boat, for example I made mine to fit perfectly in the groves of the bottom of the kayak.First mark the center of your 1 in threaded end cap and drill a 5/6 in hole (use smaller drill bits first and work your way up).

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