Shane, who runs tourist trips to the Hebrides, to see basking

It makes you realise how tiny you are compared to these, we couldn’t grasp the size of it.»When marine biologist Shane Wasik, boss of Basking Shark Scotland, heard there was a humpback in town he boarded a boat to look for it.Watch as caped crusader Captain Cool rescues sweltering Scots with water pistols in the parkAnd he was rewarded when he captured it on camera, as it swam beside a local boat crew and then used a go pro camera, over the side of his boat, to take an underwater snap.Shane, who runs tourist trips to the Hebrides, to see basking sharks and other marine life, said: «We searched in the last known place we knew it had been, then we looked in some deeper waters and came back to where we started and it was probably about an hour before we saw it, just when we thought we would head back.»It surfaced right beside a boat, they can be very playful. The kayaker’s experience was a special encounter, it’s so unusual for it to be in that location. You can see humpback whales offshore in the Outer Hebrides but for it to be in Oban is very, very rare.»I don’t think there has ever been a humpback whale in Oban before.

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