you can make your wish for Saeyoung and blow the candles

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cheap Canada Goose a notebook, Saeyoung told him with a smile. He was also holding another one, which looked exactly the same. got them from the church. Look, I have one, too! cheap Canada Goose

should I do with this?

Saeyoung opened his to show Saeran, flipping through the canada goose outlet online reviews pages; Saeran saw that at least half of Saeyoung books were full though he didn understand what his brother written. Do I have to do it like he does? canada goose outlet store calgary To write complicated codes?

Canada Goose Jackets can canada goose outlet in chicago do anything you like! Like writing a diary. diary? Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats on sale write your feelings on that book when you are happy, what makes you smile, even when you are sad. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose sale Oh but having just words inside these book seems lonely. Saeran asked Saeyoung if he could also draw in the book. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Parka course! I be looking forward to see your drawings, Saeran! Canada Goose Parka

With his new diary, Saeran decided canada goose parka outlet to draw and write what happened today. First, he started off with the diary entry, writing it down with canada goose outlet toronto a small pencil he found in their shared room. His hand was stiff from not writing for too long, but Saeyoung said his writing was wonderful, so he smiled canada goose parka outlet uk and kept going. After that, Saeran started drawing Saeyoung canada goose outlet and himself. From that day forward, the diary became his most precious possession. He made sure to hide this diary well, so that canada goose shop uk their mom wouldn find it. After all, this was the first present he had ever gotten from Saeyoung presents are something precious, something he doesn want to lose.

canadian goose jacket In return for Saeyoung gift canada goose stockists uk to him, he gifted canada goose outlet 80 off his brother a drawing of both of them, eating ice cream canada goose outlet in toronto together. Seeing Saeyoung smile made him happy, too. canada goose outlet uk fake canadian goose jacket

buy canada canada goose jacket outlet uk goose jacket canada goose outlet authentic cheap Looking back, he not even sure if the day he received the diary from Saeyoung was canada goose outlet jackets their birthday. But he knew that birthdays are when he gets presents, so he remembered that day as such. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Outlet After Saeyoung left him, Saeran never even thought of celebrating his canada goose kensington parka uk birthday. For him, it only served as a painful reminder that Saeyoung was not with him anymore. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket birthday, Saeran! V said to him one day, Rika standing right behind him with a cake and candles. buy canada goose jacket

Saeran shook his head. not supposed to celebrate. His voice started to break. don even know if Saeyoung is doing fine how can I be the only one celebrating when it our birthday? that not true, V canada goose outlet in vancouver pat his head. promise you Saeyoung is doing fine, and don you think he would want you canada goose jacket uk to be happy? Behind him, Rika smiled in agreement. you can make your wish for Saeyoung and blow the candles. Okay?

Reluctantly, Saeran made his wish, praying for his brother safety and happiness, before blowing the candles. Clapping, both V and Rika handed him their presents.

canada goose coats encyclopedia on flowers! Saeran squealed happily. Rika gave him some flower seeds. you, V, Rika! canada goose coats

love flowers, don you, Saeran? Rika hands him a plate with one slice of the cake.

The boy eyes were sparkling. do! I cannot wait to plant lots of flowers! His small happiness didn last long, though. After all, birthdays did not matter in Mint Eye instead, the day someone got his cleansing ceremony was a one time celebration; it was the closest anyone could get to birthdays.

canada goose Yet, Ray always made sure to keep up to the tradition. This year, canada goose outlet black friday he baked a small cake for himself, decorated it with canada goose outlet reviews candles, and bought canada goose outlet in new york some new flower seeds for the garden. He didn canada goose outlet toronto location realize the Savior was watching until she called out to him. what are you doing? This this is not what it looks like! I canada goose

canada goose store The Savior words were clear. you had any time to celebrate your birthday, you should have spent those hours to work harder. She looked disappointed. why would you celebrate the day you were born corrupted in this world, yet to be saved? We don do that here, Ray. You should known better. canada goose store

Ray, you disappointed her again.

canada goose black friday sale He took the candles off. sorry, Savior. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose online The Savior is right, you are nothing but Canada Goose online

canada goose clearance He threw the whole cake into the waste bin. won do it again. canada goose clearance

An airhead!

canada goose clearance sale When you come into your shared bedroom with a small cake and candles, singing Happy Birthday, Saeran, who has been spending hours in front of his computer screen, is dumbfounded. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose deals birthday, Saeran you finish the song, stopping right in front of him. Chuckling, you bring the cake closer to him, gesturing for him to blow the candles. It embarrassing because you know Saeran could see how sloppy your work is in decorating the cake. But to your surprise, he lands a kiss on top of your head canada goose deals.

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